What the Professionals say about us...

With my racing, when I’m at home or at an event. I like to make it go smooth and as easy as possible and Pro Eagle Jacks does just that, nothing can stop this jack!

Toby Price - Red Bull - KTM

I got my Pro Eagle Jack about a year ago and it’s my saviour. It has gotten me out of so many pickles it’s crazy. I use it for all my Super Truck lifting and for my Polaris also. The 8” Extension certainly helps and sure gets the job done.


Matt Mingay - HotWheels Stunt Team

At Patriot Campers we head out to the most remote locations in Australia to test our gear, we wouldn’t leave home without our Pro Eagle Jack. One of the best tools in our arsenal hands down.

Justin Montesalvo - Patriot Campers

Making life a little easier...

No longer will you have to worry about dragging your jack through the sand or not being able to run over a zip tie/pebble in the garage. We worked hard to create the ultimate Off-Road Jack for your 4WD that would hold up to the toughest off-road conditions. Whether your Racing or Touring, our Jacks do it all!